Sunday, 16 January 2011

Stagecoach SW Volvo Olympian/NC

Bit of a random post but woo hoo i have finally ridden on all of the batches of stagecoach sw Volvo olympian/Nc palatine1s. They are among my favourite buses and after a long day out to Barnstaple I managed to catch the last batch i needed to ride on on the way back. This is all of the ones scd have:

R252LGH and thats all that i know of.The ones in green are the ones i have been on. But at least i got a sample of each batch!

Friday, 14 January 2011

Torpoint depot changing?

It has been reported that First D&C Torpint depot will be changing. I have heard that the main buildings will be flattened so all that will be left is a portacabin  and a place to keep the buses. I dont know much about this so i cant post too much.

 Another thing, i have been on one of the new Enviros 400s and i hate them. They are rancid machines, i want them to go to the scrapyard!!!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Enviro Influx!

Sadly Stagecoach Devon have had an influx of Enviro 200s and Enviro 400s (as mentioned in another post to replace older stuff in exeter). I have got Pictures of the enviro 200s and a video of the a enviro 400. There has been 36 enviro 200s and 2 enviro 400s delivered to Stagecoach Devon the single decks to exeter and the 2 enviro 400s to Torquay. Today i came home on one of the ADL Trident/Enviro 400s and I Hated every second of it. They are one of the most ugly buses i have ever seen and the cab is a disgrace!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Exeter Fleet Replacement

I heard a while ago that there was going to be an influx of new AD Enviro 200s in exeter to replace older stuff. I now know the full details. Some of the 36 new E200s have arrived to replace the beloved Volvo B6BLE/ ALX200s, Volvo Olympians, Step entrance darts and the older 04 plate Optare solos. All exept the optares are among me favourite buses.

 It is an end of an era for the b6's that have had quite a history. There was 14 of them (P701-714BTA) 31701-14 delivered to Torquay depot in 1997 for low floor operation on route 12. These were later replaced by Volvo Olympian/NC Palatines witch meant these could go to Exeter for city trips. I personally love these buses.

It is sad that the Volvo Olympians are going because they are so quiet  yet sound nice and they give a smooth ride.

The horrible Optare solos will come to paignton to replace the Beloved mercedes 709ds on routes 5,17/17a,22,24. The 709s are ideal for hilly estates because of their power yet are small in size ideal for devon tight corners. It will be a sad ending for these!!!

FGW 142 Pacers coming to an end!

I was waiting for my train home last night at Exeter St Davids when I came across a First Great Western class 142 Pacer that has been newly repainted with no fleet names on it. I originally thought that FGW were keeping their 142s after all and they just haven't got round to applying the FGW logo and fleet names. It was only when i got home that i heard the sad news that this unit will be returning to Northern Rail soon.This is a great shame as the pacers have been part of the fleet for over 3 years now and eventually became my 2nd favorite trains. Some of the units returned to Northern this time last year so i made the most of the remaining ones. But the time has come for the rest to go leaving the ghastly 150s and 153s. At least we will still have 143s but they just are not the same!

Picture thanks to Tom Pearce , used with his permission

Welcome to SWTN

Hello my name is kameron and I decided to  start this new blog as a replacement for the old "Devon Bus News" Video that I used to post on youtube. This blog will inform you of any withdrawals or fleet replacements of buses or trains. I hope you enjoy the blog!! :D

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