Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The invasion of the Enviro's!

Some sad news here but the time has come to say goodbye to most of the decent deckers in Torbay and Exeter.I ham hearing different stories as to what is going to happen but I believe a large influx of Scania/Ad Enviro 400's will replace the 2004/5 Dennis Trident/ALX400's which will go to Exmouth and Barnstaple to replace all of the good old Volvo olympians. The S and T reg Tridents (17002-17052 and more) will go for sale or scrap.

It is suprising to see that stagecoach are withdrawing the Ex-London tridents as they have plenty of life left in them and I much prefer them to the other Tridents despite the London Gearbox!

It is a great shame to see the good old Ex-London Olympians being withdrawn after being in Devon for such a long time!

The return of the Mercs!

I never expected to find  Alexander Sprint bodied Mercedes 709D M353JBO sitting Not in Service in Paignton Bus Station.I can not explain how pleased I was to find this beast back on the road! I expect this is covering for an absent Optare Slowlo (Optare Solo) which came to replace the Mercs on Monday 11th April 2011. It is not unheard of for the ex-Exeter Solo's to play up.It is apparent Stagecoach have been sensible by keeping the majority of the 709D's with only N978NAP,N884AVV and N509BJA Being sold to Arthurs Coaches,Scotland and some being dismantled for spares which leaves the remainder that have sat in Torquay Depot doing nothing until now! It is very nice to see Stagecoach still use them and I hope to find it tomorrow!

Taunton Bash!

Here I bring you my findings in Taunton from last weeks Bus Spotting visit. We were Suprised to find that there is Mercedes 709D's in daily service! On  a Monday-Friday diagram there are 2 Mercs on the road each day. One being on route 3 and the Other being on 23's along with a Vario (or perhaps another merc depending on the size of they're Merc fleet.) Other then the Mercedes 709D's there are more buses around.A regular sight are the Webberbus Flyer Optare Versa's. Taunton is a very good place to go for bus spotting with some great places for pictures.