Saturday, 24 December 2011

Quick Pic!

Just a quick one... I would like to Wish all the viewers/followers of this blog a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year. I just made a picture of various events over the year (well exept one clip which was taken last year I think).

Im sure a lot more Ecxiting and sad events will happen on the Transport Scene in 2012!

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For now enjoy the Festive Season!


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Thursday, 22 December 2011

We meet again Minibuses!

Thankyou to Tom Pearce for 2 of the Photo's, I bring you an update of where ex-Country Bus Devon (Alansway) Mercedes 709D/Alexander P394FEA and ex-Riverlink Mercedes Vario/Alexander P102HCH are today.
P102HCH with Banga Travel,Thanks to Tom Pearce.

Starting with P102HCH and its sister P108HCH, Im not quite sure where the Vario's started their life back in 1996. Riverlink Of Dartmouth (Later Railriverlink as of summer 2010) aquired the Sisters back when Stagecoach had pulled out of the Contract for route 25 (Goodrington-Paignton-Stoke gabriel). At first Riverlink used a Faresaver Mercedes 709D which was on Loan. In spring 2010, 102 and 108 had their brandings updated to the newer logo's. By April 2011,the route 25 had ended with Riverlink and when Dial-a-Bus Local Link took it over,Riverlink sold the Vario's. I was led to belive that the sisters had been sold to Country Bus Devon for breaking up. However a couple of days ago I found pictures of 102 and 108 with a independant company called Banga Travel up in the Midlands wearing a funny Yellow and Blue. These buses gave a rather unpleasent ride all through the bumpy streets of St.Micheals however it is nice to see these good old Varios in further service.

P102HCH seen wering old Riverlink lettering in 2009.

Now we Move on to Alexander AM bodied Mercedes 709D P394FEA.I dont remember these that well as I only went on them a few times however the are really nice buses. As far as I know,the P-FEA batch were new to Stevensons back in 1996! Alansway (Country Bus Devon) aquired this one along with sister P399FEA. They used to always be on service 108 until Dial-A-Bus Local Link took it over with stupid Mercedes Sprinter Vans. They were also used on other local services such as 165,16,177.The sisters wore an all over Greeny-Turquoise livery with "Country Bus" in yellow writing. As for when they departed the Country Bus fleet,I dont Know however they are like now P102/8HCH with Banga Travel wearing their Blue and Yellow Livery. It is certainly nice to see the P-FEA's still going strong and there are loads of them still on the roads up and down the Country.
P394FEA seen wering Banga's Livery.Thanks to Tom Pearce for the Photo.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Some drivers just don't have a clue!

I boarded the service 88 this afternoon at Totnes.I asked for Newton abbot and presented my Stagecoach Bronzerider bus pass. He took a few seconds to look at it,he then said you can't use that pass on here,you should get the X64. Before I had time to argue,he allowed me on. IT CLEARLY STATES ON THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS THAT YOU CAN USE STAGECOACH BRONZERIDERS ON THE 88. I would have more likely been refused on the X64.

Many people have told me that you can use the Bronzeriders on country bus service 177. Until now I have not been questioned about it when boarding.I boarded the 177 last week and showed the Driver me pass and he wouldn't accept it.My understanding was that you COULD use Bronzeriders on there so as I do I put up an argument over it.Eventually he phoned his boss to prove that he was right. It turned out that I was wrong and I paid full child single.
I do find it amazing that the drivers ate not told what tickets and passes to accept and what not to.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Official Year Review 2011!

New from me this year. I have done a quick video summing up a lot of the major fleet changed and movements this year! We have certainly see changes in fleets this year like the departure of the Mercedes 709D's and a lot of Step-Entrance buses from the Stagecoach Fleet.My old favouite G185JHG has also left Stagecoach and gone to Chepstow Classic.

Also we have seen Plymouth Citybus become 100% low floor and even introducing a very smart new livery on the buses and coaches. I like the new Citycoach livery however I feel its a bit of a clone of Shearings new livery.

I do hope you enjoy the Video. You can view it here!

I would like to Wish my blog and youtube watchers a Merry Christams and a Happy New Year!