Friday, 16 December 2011

Some drivers just don't have a clue!

I boarded the service 88 this afternoon at Totnes.I asked for Newton abbot and presented my Stagecoach Bronzerider bus pass. He took a few seconds to look at it,he then said you can't use that pass on here,you should get the X64. Before I had time to argue,he allowed me on. IT CLEARLY STATES ON THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS THAT YOU CAN USE STAGECOACH BRONZERIDERS ON THE 88. I would have more likely been refused on the X64.

Many people have told me that you can use the Bronzeriders on country bus service 177. Until now I have not been questioned about it when boarding.I boarded the 177 last week and showed the Driver me pass and he wouldn't accept it.My understanding was that you COULD use Bronzeriders on there so as I do I put up an argument over it.Eventually he phoned his boss to prove that he was right. It turned out that I was wrong and I paid full child single.
I do find it amazing that the drivers ate not told what tickets and passes to accept and what not to.

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