Sunday, 29 January 2012

Upheval in Paignton!

Due to the barriers being replaced,the Level Crossing at Paignton Town Centre will remain closed from 22:00 on Saturday 28th January until Monday 13th Febuary. Pedestrians will have to use the footbridge or there is a diversion is in place. There is a sign up saying for those who cannot use the Bridge or Diversion to speak to the men on site.

This Crossing closure will strongly effect certain bus services such as Railriverlink service 100 and Devonians 500/50 service which will have to use a Diversion route into Paignton. Devonian are going to face big problems as their bus stop is right by the Level Crossing. Im sure something will be put in place for the next two weeks.
A view of the Railway STN and the works site.

Showing the grey blockades and the site of the construction.

Luckily buisnesses on Torbay Road will not be effected however for those visiting,the big grey metal barriers to shut off the Level Crossing are an eyesore!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

At Long Last!

Bit of a random post but oh well.
The Lulworth Close stop and across the road on Roselands  Drive  now has Bus Stop markers painted onto the ground. I'm very suprised at how late they finally got round to painting them after the amount of car parking issues we have had.

Monday, 23 January 2012

The first sightings!!

Well im sure you can guess what this is all about....yep I have seen one of Stagecoach South West's Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 bodied Scania N230UB's this afternoon sitting in Paignton Bus Station. There was no fleet number or Logo's applied but the Regestration was WA61KLE, I have heard that this one broke down on delivery....certainly not a good start to buses that will have to last roughly 10 years on the Bayline 12/12A/12C services.

Being Scania chassis is a bonus with the extra power and capacity and then the Black high back leather seats which should be very comfortable. Personally I dont like anything built by Alexander Dennis however I can =t state a strong opinion until I have been on one of the newbies.

So the countdown until the 04 reg Tridents, S&T reg Tridents, and the good old Volvo Olympians depart starts now! Only time will tell.

Here are some shots of the Newbies:

Sunday, 22 January 2012

The last of the "Bayline" Tridents!

Some may think im mad for doing this  and some may not. Anyway,here I bring you the Bayline Trident tribut video.

Personally I dont like these Tridents however they have served well on the series of Bayline routes for nearly a Decade now and they will be phased out to other areas of the region to replace older step entrance vehicles. As I have mentioned in previous posts, a fleet of 23 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 bodied Scania N230UB's will take over route 12/12A.

I hope you enjoy the video and check out my youtube for other video's.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The scania's invade!!!

We have all (well nearly all of us) been not so  looking forward to Stagecoach Devons new arrival of 23 new Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 bodied Scania N230UB's for the "Bayline" 12 service. Well unfortunatly the first 3 arrived at Torquay Depot about 13:30 this afternoon. They should be in service by next week after having their Hanovers programmed.

The Scania's are going to be arriving in drib's and drab's with a lot of them being used to Olympic Shuttles first. After all 23 have arrived it spells withdrawal for the ex-London S-BWC and T-KPU Tridents along with the Volvo olympians with Torbays current 2004-Plate Tridents off aroud Devon to replace them.

This is another big step forward (well backwards in my opinion) for the Bayline which has been on the go for Years and Years seeing all sorts such as Bristol VR's,Olympians,Ford Transit's,Iveco's,Mercedes 709D's, Volvo B6's and Transbus Tridents work the famous 12/12A/12C services that serve Newton Abbot-Torquay-Paignton-Brixham.

I will do another post on these Scanias when I actually see them around next week with regestration deatils etc.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

When the two sisters meet!

This cold saturday morning I was waiting in Exeter Bus Station for my 315 to Barnstaple when Stagecoach South West 16601 (R901FDV) was sitting waiting to go somewhere and had "Sorry! Im not in service" on the Hanover. Ten or so minutes later 601's sister, 602 pulled into the next bay and it was a great oppertunity for a good photo.

Buses appeared to be on my side this morning as a driver turns up to R901FDV to take it out on the 315 I was waiting for. I was very glad we had this as the Volvo's are ideal for the long 2.5 Hour journey from Exeter to Barnstaple and the offer a warm,comfortable journey, something we dont have when a Trident is on that route.

We certainly wont have this comfort on the 315 when Torbay recieve their 23 Scania N230UB/ ADL Enviro 400's for the "Bayline" 12 service and the current 04-Plate Tridents move to various places over Devon to replace ageing Olympians.

You can view my video of R901FDV HERE, also check out my other video's.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

A.B Coaches bid farewell to the 425's!

I have knew about this for a while now but unfortunatly the time has come to bid farewell to A.B Coaches Duple 425's. These are very rare coaches built by the Hestair (well I think thats how to spell it) Group in the late 80's sometime.There are some with various coach operators including A.B Coaches of Totnes who used to operate about 6 of them. This last month they have been phased out and one of they're Duple's (NIL1095) was recently involved in a collision. Co incedently the NIL was the one that they were going to keep. I find it discraceful that the 425's worked my School Bus most days yet I haven't been on one since starting Secondary School. The last time I heard there were two left at the depot (MIL1031 and UJI3790).

The reamining two 425's. Photo thanks to Tom Pearce!

Goodbye Duple 425's...A.B Coaches just wont be the same without you!
It is certainly a sad sight to see these fighters leave after so many years of reliable service around the South West. I used to have a haterid for Duple 425's wich I now strongly Regret! I hope the MIL and the UJI last another 6 months at least, although theyre old they still have loads of life left in them. They have been replaced with Plaxton bodied Volvo B10M's which are just not the same fun as the Duples.

Devonian Updates!

Devonian Olympian A146OFR at Paignton
First of all I wish all my blog viewers a Happy New Year for 2012!

I have just found out that Devonian Motor Services' Alexander bodied Leyland Atlantean GJZ9571 is up for sale on eBay!GJZ was new to Lothian Buses in 1973 and latterly was converted to Open Top format. She was passed to the company who operates the Oxford Sightseeing tour. In 2010, Devonian Motor Services aquired her for the new "Coastal Explorer" service 500. In 2011 Ex-Ribble Olympian A146OFR was added to the fleet.

I am still pending to hear why she is being sold but I will miss her from the Devonian Fleet. She can be veiwed on eBay HERE.