Saturday, 7 January 2012

A.B Coaches bid farewell to the 425's!

I have knew about this for a while now but unfortunatly the time has come to bid farewell to A.B Coaches Duple 425's. These are very rare coaches built by the Hestair (well I think thats how to spell it) Group in the late 80's sometime.There are some with various coach operators including A.B Coaches of Totnes who used to operate about 6 of them. This last month they have been phased out and one of they're Duple's (NIL1095) was recently involved in a collision. Co incedently the NIL was the one that they were going to keep. I find it discraceful that the 425's worked my School Bus most days yet I haven't been on one since starting Secondary School. The last time I heard there were two left at the depot (MIL1031 and UJI3790).

The reamining two 425's. Photo thanks to Tom Pearce!

Goodbye Duple 425's...A.B Coaches just wont be the same without you!
It is certainly a sad sight to see these fighters leave after so many years of reliable service around the South West. I used to have a haterid for Duple 425's wich I now strongly Regret! I hope the MIL and the UJI last another 6 months at least, although theyre old they still have loads of life left in them. They have been replaced with Plaxton bodied Volvo B10M's which are just not the same fun as the Duples.

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