Saturday, 31 March 2012

1 Goodbye and 2 Hello's

Last Tuesday, about 11:30 we bid farewell to an excellent bus in the region. Rail-River Link Leyland Olympian OFS702Y was carted off on the back of a Wigleys tow-truck for scrap at Barnsley scrap yards.

OFS702Y was a great bus and quite rare as it was one of the Full length and Full height Leyland TL11 engined ones from ERT Lothian. She arrived at Riverlink in 2010 I think from Bennetts of Gloucster to replace ex-Plymouth Atlantean TTT170X that worked the Brixham College school bus.

Not long after its arrival, the fuel pump blew up on her spraying diesil out of the back of the bus which saw her off the road for months. When she returned to the road she was rather unreliable and I was told, getting parts for the TL11 engine was hard. Recently Riverlink discivered chassis corrosion and some other problem with her which decided that she would be withdrawn.

It is certainly a shame to have such a bus withdrawn but it was more cost efficient to buy new buses.

I said it before and I shall say it again, UWV604S should return to the roads!!!

On a higher note, Riverlink have purchased a Volvo olympian/Alexander Royale and a Leyland Olympian (Gardener/ZF)/ NC Palatine 1. I will post more details when I have them.

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

More Newbies!

A lot has been happening in the Bus World recently, just after Stagecoach recieve 23 new Scania/Enviro 400's, First Devon and Cornwall recieve 12 new Alexander Dennis Enviro 400's for the Park and Ride services. These are nowhere near as nice as the older 56 plate Enviro's bought especially for the George P&R.

The new ones have leather seats and the new First "SHUTTLE" Livery with a slightly different coloured interior and are still on ADL Trident chassis.

The dissapointing fact is, they are Registered with an SN London plate and carry legals for the First Games (Olympics) already.

SN12EAG =33665
B =33661
D = 33662
F= 33664
K= 33667


The first of Plymouth Citybus' Wright Eclipse Urban bodied Volvo B7RLE's has been sighted on the road. I shall try and get photo's this weekend.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Two more Goodbyes and a Hello!

As I have been posting about for weeks, the final result has happened. Loads of Torbays Transbus Tridents have been allocated to Exeter and Barnstaple. This means all of Torbays Volvo Olympian's have now been withdrawn along with 16601-16604 (R901FDV/902/3/4JDV). I have heard that the ex-London Olympians will go to Cheltenham for the races before being sold or even worse scrapped. It is very sad to see the buses go but I suppose it is progress.

The second goodbye is to the ADL Enviro 400's currently used on the George Junction Park and Ride. I have heard that they are heading for Bristol. I remember having my first ride on one of the most Eco-Freindly Enviro's when I was just 7 when they were just 6 days into service. It is a shame to see these go and I wander what they will use on the Plymouth park and Rides when these depart.

WA56FTN in a plain white livery in preperation for departure. Picture thanks to Bobby Darch.
On a Brighter note , the first of the 10 Brand new Volvo B7RLE/Wright Urbans WA12ACX has arrived at Plymouth Citybus's depot. I will give you more information on these when we have it.