Monday, 2 April 2012

More fare rises...

No, not again! Yes, its true, Stagecoach South West are whacking their fares up once again.

Single and return fares will increase between 5 and 10%.

New season ticket prices are shown below, and will be reflected in a new ticket guide, issued to coincide with this date:

Ticket Current price New price
Adult Explorer £6.90 £7.25
Child Explorer £4.00 £4.80
Senior Explorer £5.50 £6.00
Family £13.00 £15.00
Torbay DayRider £4.70 £4.90
Torbay Megarider 1 Week £16.00 £17.00
Torbay Megarider 4 Week £60.00 £65.00
Torbay Megarider 13 Week £190.00 £200.00
Torbay Megarider 52 Week £550.00 £575.00
Megarider Gold 1 Week £22.00 £25.00
Megarider Gold 4 Week £84.00 £90.00
Megarider Gold 13 Week £260.00 £280.00
Megarider Gold 52 Week £850.00 £900.00

Stagecoach are Simply not getting enough funding from Torbay Council  or TOR2 or whatever it is! They are currently on about spending rediculous money on a Live Information thing that is run for next to nothing by Torbay Bus Routes, if it wasent for this, Torbay Council could give more funding for the buses.

As the fares rise, less and less people will use the bus which will mean another cost increase and it just goes on and on.

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  1. Silly really. TOR2 want their heads testing and want telling what TORBAY and the "bus world" really needs. =)