Wednesday, 25 April 2012

More Goings on in Plymouth!

Over the last few weeks, there has been a lot to keep up with in Plymouth in the bus world recently.

I have posted on these before but we begin with the new First Devon and Cornwall Enviro 400's that have arrived for the Olympics and George Park and Ride to replace the elder 56 plate ones. The new ones have leather seats and the new First "SHUTTLE" Livery with a slightly different coloured interior and are still on ADL Trident chassis.

The dissapointing fact is, they are Registered with an SN SCOTLAND plate and carry legals for the First Games (Olympics) already.

SN12EAG =33665
B =33661
D = 33662
F= 33664
K= 33667 

We then move on to Plymouth Citybus' new Volvo B7RLE/ Wright Eclipse Urban's. I went on the first public service trip on bus 104. I really find the newbies nice with the red, silver, bugandy interior and ever smooth and quiet ride as you can always expect from a Volvo. I attended the launch where they lined nearly all of them up in number order and one by one brought them into service replaceing the older N-UTT Dennis Darts.

First's second newbies (but not actually new) are a batch of Optare Excels (Cummins Powered) from Glasgow.I'd never been on an Excel until the other day when I went on W49WDS and I was really impressed. They sound nice and are reletivly smooth and comfortable.Better than Dart SLF's anyway.I was impressed by the spacious seating layout. These are also joined in the fleet by an ex-London Marshall Capital bodied Dennis Dart SLF T295JLD wich still has its rear doors and red TFL Livery.

Finally, Aline coaches new duo. The first is R178NPN wich is a Alexander ALX200 bodied Volvo B6BLE. This bus has coach seats and air conditioning. It is used on tight route 80B wich is a bit to narrow for the bus. A-line have painted it into a blue and white livery (similar to Stagecoach). Their second bus is an East Lancs bodied Volvo Olympian. This will be used on school routes. It was new to Arriva London.

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