Monday, 30 July 2012

Paignton Arson Attack

It was quite unpleasent this mornign when I woke up to an E-Mail from an enthusiast group saying that there had been an Arson attack in Paignton Bus Station at around 04:30 and that 3 buses were completley destroyed by fire. My immidiate fear was that they were all Olympians.

I went into town about an hour later to find 2 Olympians (16064 R164VPU & 16775 S775RVU) and 1 Optare Solo (47106 WA04TXX) completely burnt out. The two Olympians typically,were my two favourites with 64 having a great soudning gearbox and 775 being in very good shape, obviously looked after by Yorkshire prior to coming down South.

After my trip to Barnstaple , I returned to Paignton to discover P.V.S Barnsley's scrap truck and some other recovery vehicles in the Bus Station , removing the destroyed buses. I had 20 minutes to wait for my 12A home (which was run by 16601 , the Olympian covering the burnt out ones). I got some pictures of 16775 being lifted onto a truck and the staff clearing up the ash from the ground. It really was a sad moment to see a bus thats had over 10  years of service around the UK and that could probaly manege another 20 being carted off in that state so some mindless T**T can have some fun either protesting or just for entertainment.

If they do happen to be protetsing against fares,its a very stupid way of doing it as no doubt the fares will once again rise to pay for the damadge. I really hope this idiot gets caught and locked up.

This incident now leaves us with: 16037,16050,16058,16059,16062,16071,16601 & 16604.

Also take a look at my Farewell Video for the 2 Olympians ,it can be found HERE

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Olymp-Along the 5!

Well, just as the title should clearly state, yesterday saw operation of Stagecoach Olympian 16071 (R171VPU) on the route 5.  Ever since the 709's disappeared in April last year, all sorts have ended up on the 5/5E. I had a Trident on it a few weeks back.

The 6 Optare Solo M850SL 's transferred from Exeter to Torbay were intended for 5's and Brixham town routes although ,their poor reliablility and increased passenger numbers on the 5 route has led to bigger buses like Darts being used.

I found large buses are actually fine on 5's,although the hills are quite funny when on a decker and Double Parked cars in the narrower roads of Foxhole make this difficult. It certainly was nice to see an Olympian on the 5 ,even though it was struggling up Marldon Hill and Barton Avenue at a very low speed.

R171VPU leaving Paignton for Foxhole

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

More Stagecoach South West shuffle rounds....

Finally,I think (and hope) I have made sense of what's happening in Devon over the Olympics Period.

First of all , The vehicles going to London are Alexander Dennis Enviro 400's GO2 branded WA08NOF/H/U -NPC/D19321-325  and Exeter RED Park and Ride branded 19569-572 WA59FWR/S/T and Stagecoach liveried WA59FWU.

This means, Torbay are sending our Scania N230UD/Enviro 400's 15783-791 WA61KLD/E/F/G/J/K/L/M/N/O/P/U/V/X/Y/Z KME/F/G/J/K/M/O KZL/M/N/O/P (im not sure if its that many they are sending) to Exeter to cover route GO2 and Park and Ride. With the loss of most or Torbay's Tridents, they have gained Trident 17005/008 and 009 and Volvo Olympians: R137EVX, R150/8/9/62/64/71VPU , S775RVU , R904JDV from Exeter to cover for the Tridents being on the Baylines.

Its certainly nice to see Olympians back in the bay, but make the most of it as it will only last 6 weeks before they depart for good.

A trio of Volvo Olympians (16058/59/71) seen in Paignton Bus Station
 Another problem faced with the bus "shuffling" is Overcrowding, already with the foreign students in torbay, 12's are being overloaded so with the bus shortages,this may get worse.

The overscrowded lower deck of WA61KLV at around 1930 today.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Just can't stay away!

After a nice day on Monday, I was on the 12 school run back to Paignton. As we turned into Paignton Bus Station, I was suddenly delighted by the sight of Stagecoach Olympian S775RVU, I did for a minute wonder if I was seeing things, but clearly not! I couldnt really be bothered to stay out for any longer so I went and caught my usual 15:55 service 12A back to Roselands. As we approached Burrough Road, we passed my favourite Stagecoach Olympian R137EVX which was on route 110, I knew the bus scene in Paignton and Torbay was actually on my side for once.

It eventually occoured to me when I was on a Scania/enviro 400 today and saw a sign on it saying they will be attending London 2012 Olympics so Torbay would need replacement buses after the Loss of our old Transbus Tridents 18061-18075. It will definatley be fun with the Olympians back in Town.

For the last two Saturdays , I have been in Exeter at some point of the day and saw Stagecoach 16064 (R164VPU) parked up the far end of the Bus Station.

R171VPU on th 11 last summer.