Monday, 30 July 2012

Paignton Arson Attack

It was quite unpleasent this mornign when I woke up to an E-Mail from an enthusiast group saying that there had been an Arson attack in Paignton Bus Station at around 04:30 and that 3 buses were completley destroyed by fire. My immidiate fear was that they were all Olympians.

I went into town about an hour later to find 2 Olympians (16064 R164VPU & 16775 S775RVU) and 1 Optare Solo (47106 WA04TXX) completely burnt out. The two Olympians typically,were my two favourites with 64 having a great soudning gearbox and 775 being in very good shape, obviously looked after by Yorkshire prior to coming down South.

After my trip to Barnstaple , I returned to Paignton to discover P.V.S Barnsley's scrap truck and some other recovery vehicles in the Bus Station , removing the destroyed buses. I had 20 minutes to wait for my 12A home (which was run by 16601 , the Olympian covering the burnt out ones). I got some pictures of 16775 being lifted onto a truck and the staff clearing up the ash from the ground. It really was a sad moment to see a bus thats had over 10  years of service around the UK and that could probaly manege another 20 being carted off in that state so some mindless T**T can have some fun either protesting or just for entertainment.

If they do happen to be protetsing against fares,its a very stupid way of doing it as no doubt the fares will once again rise to pay for the damadge. I really hope this idiot gets caught and locked up.

This incident now leaves us with: 16037,16050,16058,16059,16062,16071,16601 & 16604.

Also take a look at my Farewell Video for the 2 Olympians ,it can be found HERE

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