Monday, 20 August 2012

A-Line Coaches updates

Recently A-Line coaches ,Cornwall have been shifting around their fleet a bit, heres whats Happened:

Ex-Plymouth Citybus Mercdes 709D N276 PDV has been purchased from a membr of the Plymouth City Transport Preservation group.After passing her Class 6 MOT first time , N276PDV returned to service from preservation for the first time in several years.  276 was brought out onto service 80 and ran capably and reliably throughout the first day, despite having sat out of use at Winkleigh for many months, this shows how reliable the little 709D's really are,even with the eldest ones reaching 20 years of age soon.

Secondly, A-line coaches have bought another Mercedes 709D with a coach spec Plaxton Beaver PUI 6627. This bus used to be L813 SAE and operated for Cityline (later First Bristol). The bus was later sold to Target Travel of Plymouth owned by Robert Risk (who was previously owner of Roberts Coaches) until 2012. The bus was then sold to its current operator A-line and is in use on 80A/B. Having rode on PUI in service with Target, I can say she is definatley a great little 709D thats well looked after.

Finally, ex Hong Kong Volvo B6LE/Alexander ALX200 R178 NPN  has been recently withdrawn from A-line after around a months service. The bus was bought by A-line coaches from Heartlands of Tamworth for use on the 80A/80B Liskeard to Torpoint service. The bus was the A-lines first and most likely last Low floor bus. The lead to the withdraw is the bus is simply too long for the cornish countryside ( Downderry in particular ) and the 9MPG factor costing Aline alot of money in fuel prices. The bus has been put up for sale on ebay various times but no buyer has been found. The chances of the bus being striped for spares and sold for scrap are high and as two Mercedes 709s have recently been bought ,there is no chance that she will be called for service any more. My tribute to R178NPN can be found here:

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