Tuesday, 25 September 2012

"Wave" goodbye to First North Devon!

Although im 3 days late due to homework etc, I decided to still post about the end of First Devon and Cornwall.

As most readers will know, First North Devon (Red Bus ) have ceased operation out of Barnstaple as of 23rd September 2012. Due to the loseing competition agains Stagecoach South West, First axed all North Devon operations as part of their U.K Cuts.

Service operation wise, this means:
First 1,2 & 3 will be completely withdrawn, Stagecoach "Wave" 21/21A will be revised
First X7 will be taken over and revised by Stagecoach as part of the 155 route every hour
First X9 will be taken over by Stagecoach
Stagecoach will also be expanding the network in North Devon!

So whats happeining to the buses?

The First X9 Enviro 400's are being transferred to Weston-Super-Mare

The East Lancs bodied Tridents are off to Bristol I belive

The R-CCV Dennis Darts I THINK are going to Plymouth, I'll confirm on a later date

The Ex-HK Darts and London Marshalls I also belive will go to Plymouth.

And on the Stagecoach side of things?
Volvo Olympians 16601 and 16602 will be sent to Barnstaple

Alexander Dennis Enviro 400's 19001/2/3/4/6 are being Transferred to Exeter from Manchester

Scania N230UD Enviro 400's 15431/2/3 are being transferred to Exeter from Oxford, these will be used on new service X9

Transbus Tridents 1874/5/6/7/8/9/0 are being Transferred to Barnstaple from Exeter

Personally I have mixed opinions on these changes, I think First are quite interesting becuase of their fleet etc, however I think Stagecoach will really change things for the best. As a fan of Bus Trips to Cornwall, I can finally get to Bude on a Child Explorer at better times rather than just waiting until 13:15 for a Western Greyhound 599 (which are better than Stagecoach) which dosent arrive until 15:00. 

First are being "Waved" off by Stagecoach

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