Saturday, 27 October 2012

Further Decline of the Dennis'??

A few weeks back I heard romours that Stagecoach Torbay Alexander Dennis Trident WA05MGU 18301 was operating in Barnstaple due to a North Devon Wave branded one being damadged by a tree. I did get to photograph it early this Morning (27/10) while waiting for a bus in the opposite Direction. It was Working a 21 towards Bideford, I didnt really think much of it after that.I did wonder why they didnt bring another Trident up from Exeter to cover the V.O.R one as they have 21 from Torbay, surely one is spare??

After a trip down to Plymouth on Jacketts Coaches X85 on Dart MPD BX54DLF (which was a very enjoyable trip. Definatley take a trip round the Devon countryside if you have a spare morning) and a short afternoon in Plymouth, we took the X38 on Enviro 400 MX07HND (horrible thing!!) back to Exeter. There I was very suprised to see another Torbay Trident 18302 WA05MGV with very tatty North Devon Wave branding about to work an Eveing 155 to Barnstaple. I really couldnt think why Barnstaple would have MORE of our Tridents , even though they had 21 04 plate ones off of us back in March/April.

I rekon that the 183** are departing from Torbay because of the fact we have 23 Scania Enviro 400's , about 5 or 6 elderly S/T plate Tridents and I've also heard romours that a few of the Volvo Olympians may stay for school work and the Paington to Kingswear 120. Who knows...only Time will tell!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Still living strong! A catch up with the N-LTN's!

Having found the whereabouts of Three of the Four of the ex Stagecoach Devon (new to Newcastle) N-LTN Volvo Olympian / Alexander RL's, I thought I'd make this post to keep you informed of where they are!

Starting with the earliest of the batch , yet the last one I ever rode on N720LTN. I rode on her last year on the 319 Barnstaple to Hartland after a terrible ride on an ex-Oxford Trident KX04XJK that broke down 4 times in one trip!! N720 along with N859VHH had the distinction of being the only two of our Olympians with a panelled over Rear Window. She went very well on the 319 and is great for her age. She is now in storage at Winkleigh along with 16016,17,52 and 16878 and 879 as they slowly decline in number in the South West.

Next, we move on to N721LTN. I first recall seeing her in Torbay in 2009, along with sisters N722 and N723LTN. I dont have any photos or footage left of her however I had many a trip on her in the Bay and also later on when she worked out of Barnstaple Depot. Today, Thanks to Laurence Mayhew (PTOTHA) I can bring you a photo of her with her current owners, Pilkingtons.

N721LTN at Pilkingtons, Thanks to Laurence Mayhew!
N721LTN looks very presentable in her new red and yellow livery and it appears to still have all the Devon Blinds programmed in from her spell with Stagecoach South West. I hope this Olympian carries on for many years to come.

Now on to my favourite one, N722LTN. She was the first one I ever rode from the Batch, with that trip also beginning with a few photos in the cab. I stood in Paignton Bus Station for around 2 hours in terrible weather after a day at School waiting to bash one of these, even turning down a trip on Devons last Leyland Olympian G185JHG! After that day, I only ever bashed her once on the 12A and once on Long Distance route 315 before hearing she was scrapped. Rest In Peace N722LTN :-(

N723LTN - Thanks to Nathan Bingley!
Now for the last in the batch, N723LTN. I bashed her a few times in Torbay on 12A's and probaly once or twice on the Long Distance Barnstaple Routes. Quite a nice Olly was 16723, from what I remember, she had a good engine in her. She is still fighting on with Powells Bus in Sheffield with a very smart Blue and Orange Livery.
Long live N720/1/3LTN!!