Monday, 26 November 2012

New Buses for Exeter!

For a few month now, I;ve heard roumors that Stagecoach South West (EXETER) would be upgrading rural route 52A/52B with new Scania N230UD / Alexander Dennis Enviro 400's.

Well, They are here. I've seen a picture of two of them so far out of the nine intended;
15860 - WA62AKU
15861- WA62AKV

I assuming the rest will be:
WA62AKW/X/Y/Z/ALA/ALB 15860-15869.

They are equipped with the normal bus style seating.

These will be going onto the 52/A/B, leaving the current ex Manchester Dennis Tridents to go onto other routes. This will mean the ex London Tridents 17002/3/4/5/6/7/10/11/50/51/52 will be displaced to other depots. There is roumors that the 170** will go down to Torbay for local routes, although they seem to be doing fine with the current Tridents, Scanias and 2 Olympians (16137 and 16050). Who knows...

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Euro Bus Expo 2012 - NEC

With great thanks to Allan Wagner, I can bring you great photo's of this years Euro Bus Expo, held at the National Exebition Centre in Birmingham this week. Unfortunatley I couldnt make it to the event, but Allan went and said it was brilliant.

There was a perticular few buses that I was interested in, which are the ones you will see on this post as you read on.

New Citaro K , thanks to Allan Wagner
First is the new Mercedes Benz/Evobus Citaro K. As with all previous models, it still retains that awesome glass panels on the side and sleek design, but with a few shape differences. The first is the slightly raised, and curved panel above each wheel arch and a new front panel. Once again, Mercedes have got the "Bus of the Year" with the Citaro. Although I hate modern buses, the Citaro has always appealed to me and probaly will do for a long time. Well done Mercedes for yet another brilliant Citaro design.

New Megabus, thanks to Allan Wagner
Next, we come on to the all new Megabus Plaxton/Alexander Dennis Elite I. I belive the design was a joint venture between Stagecoach (who Operate and Alexander Dennis. It looks a brilliant design on the outside, with the full wheelchair access and oodles of Luggage storage space. Im not sure what chassis on these are.

Elite I interior, thanks to Allan Wagner
The interior looks pretty nice too with overhead Luggage space and mood lighting aswell as great looking seats. I hope the ride quality is good on them and that they dont rattle too much. If they're anything like the Panther/Paragon, it should be perfect. Ah well, I suppose you can't get much worse than the Ceatano Levante!

Now on to the all new Alexander Dennis Enviro 500. If im honest, ADL have ruined it, it looks way too much like an Enviro 400 at the front (which is a design I cant say I really like). Other than that, the E50D looks quite Tidy and the Hong Kong spec interior is nice too. The E50D is now Euro6 compliant. Its really nice to see Hong Kong bus operators making constant investments into a range of different buses, Although I'd much rather have a B6LE than a new Youngman bus!

New E50D, thanks to Allan Wagner

VDL/MCV Evolution thanks to Allan Wagner
Streetlite EV, thanks to Allan Wagner

MCV have yet again made another great step up, now offering a redesigned Evolution on a 12 Metre VDL Chassis. The Evolution is another smart looking bodywork , availible on a range of different chassis, however I've never ridden aboard one. Marshall and later MCV have always been another favouirte modern bus maker of mine. Such a shame the havent made anymore DD103 bodies on Volvo B9TL Chassis.

Wrightbus have yet again succeeded in the bus market with the new Streetlite. Not only are they offering it in Wheel Forward for shorter varients and Door Forward for Larger varients, they now offer a Electric version, as seen here at the NEC. At the moment, the Streetlite is my favouirte Mini/Midi bus. I've always liked Wrights designs, sturdy and high quality they are too!

Of course, there were loads more Buses and other things at Euro Bus Expo which are not shown in this blog, including the new Optare Metrocity for London which to me is nothing more than a Versa with a flat Tempo SR front on it. Some may like it, Might have to try it out when they enter service.