Monday, 11 February 2013

Out with the new and in with the old!

Over the last Week or so, Stagecoach South West (Torbay) have slowly been withdrawing our "Clatterboxes" , otherwise known as Alexander Dennis Pointer Dart SLF (06 plates) from Torquay to send to Exeter for City services or whatever. It will be great to see the back of these vibrating, noisy and cramped contraptions that were delivered new in 2006 for "Bayline 32" between St Marychurch - Torquay - Shipay - Torbay Hospital. I went for a ride on one then and it rattled , so you can imagine what their like now!! Horrid Things....good riddance to you! However It amazes me that these are going yet the much older P/R/S/T plate Dart SLF/ALX200's are still hanging on and working 31/34/88's and occasionally other routes, they are far better to travel on despite the sluggishness of them!!

Now, on to the replacement, featuring decent seats , Double Deck , Nice sounding Engine designed for Buses and not Tractors....its the remainer of the S-BWC Tridents that are in the South West. S802/3/4/5/6/7BWC have been (with one or two still to come) joining S808/9/37BWC and T653/5/6/7/8KPU in Torbay for Double Deck 32 operation and more buses for the 12A/C and various other local routes. S802BWC 17002 was the 2nd ever Production Trident in the U.K with S801BWC TA1 being preserved in London, this makes it the oldest Trident in service with Stagecoach. It goes well too! Torbay now in total have 17002/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/37/53/55/56/57/58 working Alongside the last 7 Trident 2's and 23 Scania Enviro 400's in the Double Deck fleet.

On a sadder note, the arrival of these Tridents has seen our Last Volvo Olympian 16137 R137EVX out to the reserve fleet.

Olympian 16137, now withdrawn

17006 seen in Exeter

17005 on Roselands Drive