Sunday, 14 April 2013

You can teach drivers to drive, but you can't teach them common sense!

It's not the first time I've blogged on cars being a pain, but this really is bad. As most of you will know, Paignton Bus Station is closed until 24th May for refurbishment. Anyway, as I was on my way home from a bash around Exeter on the ex Torquay Tridents, I alight the X46 and wonder up to "Stop 2" (Tempoary stop at the top of Hyde Road) for the 12C home to find 3 Cars all parked in the Bus Stop. It was 1900 and there are about 3 big Car Parks in Paignton Town Centre, so there is no reason to Park where its blatently obvious buses will be coming into. The yellow cones are no longer there, but anyone who is familliar with the roads of Torbay should realise the top end of Hyde Road is a bus top, if not the big sign makes it clear enough! You now have to pay to park on Hyde Road anyway, so its not like their gaining anything except a shorter walk to the Indian Takaway or wherever their going in the early evening! 

Friday, 12 April 2013

Can't Escape the camera that easily!

Today, I decided to have a bash round the Jurassic Coast so I took the X46 to Exeter then the 380 (which unfortunatley was one of Stagecoach's Envile 200's) before catching the 31 to Weymouth and X53 back to Exeter. During my hour wait in Weymouth, I noticed a lot of ex First Devon buses operating the local routes.

The first one I saw was East Lancs bodied Alexander Dennis Trident 32766 WJ55CSV. This was part of a batch new to Falmouth Depot in late 2005 however it was soon moved to Barnstaple where it spent most of its working life before being moved to Weymouth after First D&C Ceased operations from Barnstaple.

The Second one is quite a notable one from Plymouth. Volvo B6BLE WK02TYD has carried the "Train + Bus" adverts for years around Plymouth City Centre, so it really wasn't hard figuring out which one this is.

The thrid was another of the B6's from the WK02TY* batch. This one is 48273 WK02TYH, new to Cornwall then later transferred to Plymouth depot. I was thinking the other day "where has the decent stuff gone from Plymouth?"...well here's the answer. I really like these Wright bodied B6BLE's.

Just as I was leaving Weymouth on the X53, ex London Marshall bodied Dennis Dart LN51GJX, still in London red livery drove past us. This ended up in Barnstaple before they closed operation.

Another thing I found strange today, was why there were two CoastLINX53 branded Volvo B9TL's on Weymouth Locals. I reckon its since First have cut the X54, its free'd up two deckers for other routes. If anyone knows any more, feel free to contact me!