Thursday, 20 June 2013

Back in time!

Yeah, the title seems weird , but as you read on , you'll understand. So yes, it is another goodbye unfortunatley but the way things has been done takes me back a good 7 years or so.

Today (20th June) , Stagecoach South West Dennis Trident S805/6/2BWC 17005/6/2 in that order departed Torquay depot for Wigan depot at 05:58 and S803/10/11/37/38BWC & T650/1KPU from Exeter at 06:48. They made it to Wigan without a hiccup at around 3pm. This leaves 17004 (S804BWC) and 17055/6/7/8 (T655/6/7/8KPU) in Torquay and 17052 T652KPU in Exeter which I belive will go (unless it went slightly later than the others). As Barnstaple have recently taken delivery of 22 new Scania Enviro 400's (which I've been told are most unpleasant to travel on), the Transbus Tridents have become surplus so they have been sent to Torbay to replace the 17 series Tridents. 18131 and 18132 (ex ND Wave KN04XJF/G) have been branded for all new HOP11 route and 18063-73 are being transferred to Torbay for use on all routes.

18132 at Dawlish Warren

North Devon Wave Scania WA13GEK Thanks to Laurence Mayhew

A Pair of Scanias at Barnstaple , Thanks to Laurence Mayhew!
 Now, thats where it goes back a few years. When I first moved down here from Luton in 2004, I remember the Euro 3 Tridents dominating Torbay, along with the Darts and of course the Mercedes 709D's which have since been replaced by Optare Solo's.  Now Torbay is full of "Modern" Tridents again and the Darts in Torquay, it really does feel like old times (if you Ignore the Scania Enviros) again. Not that is a good thing as it was before the days of the Olympians (2010-2013) and the 17xxx S/T plate Tridents which made an appearance in late 2007. 

Apart from Riverlinks Olympians and VR's, Torbay really is "nothing" now in the bus scene, all low floor modern rubbish!

Those S and T plate Tridents really have travelled around , new to London in 1999, then to Cambridge by 2004 (except S802-6BWC which came to Torbay in 2003 then Exeter for 2004) and the rest were devided between Exeter and Hull in 2007. Some of the Exeter ones came to Torbay in 2008 and finally were joined in Febuary this year by 17002-6. Now today, they depart the South West for adventures up country. They do extremely well and I hope they continue in service for years to come!  A Video of them leaving CAN BE SEEN HERE

The Line up in Exeter about 06:30 this Morning

Two Tridents having a "chat" before heading up to Wigan!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Colourful Cornwall!

As the title suggests , Cornwall is rather colourful on the bus scene - but of course for all the wrong reasons. Due to the fire at Western Greyhounds depot on 13th May, Carmel Coaches , Arriva , Anglian , Norfolk Green , Stagecoach and Blackpool Transport have all loaned a few buses each to Western Greyhound to cover for the 37 buses wiped out.

Most of the hired buses are on route 591/592 (Newquay - Truro - Newquay circular) though I have seen them on other routes such as the 547 or the lengthly 510 Newquay to Exeter.

Stagecoach Devon dart 33783 was based at Torquay depot at one time so I had quite a her miles on it, so its good to see it again at Western Greyhound. The Blackpool Solos are quite nice too, with the powerful Cummins engines and  nice interior, passengers are not recieving any lower standards than if the fire had not of happened.  Western Greyhound have done an amazing job of keeping buisness running as near to normal as possible, despite the odds of having few buses etc.