Tuesday, 26 November 2013

More change in Kernow!

After Western Greyhound's devastating fire back in May, as most of you will know other operators loaned buses to Western Greyhound to help them continue running. Western Greyhound have since purchased around 10 ex-Stagecoach London Alexander ALX400 bodied Dennis Tridents from Ensign Bus. Most are Euro-2 engined, with 3 (I think) Euro-3 engined examples. These will be keeping their centre doors, however they will only be used if a wheelchair wishes to board. One example as already been painted in the new allover green livery, which undoubtedly looks rather tidy! When all of the Tridents are painted up, Cornwall will be "Mini-London gone Green".  So far, I believe they have:
445 Y445NHK Cummins C220 Euro 2 ZF 17445
482 LX51FLZ Cummins C220 Euro 2 Voith 17482
483 LX51FMG Cummins C220 Euro 2 Voith 17448
486 LX51FNN Cummins ISCe Euro 3 ZF 17510
488 LX51FNW Cummins ISCe Euro 3 ZF 17518
495 Y437NHK Cummins C220 Euro 2 ZF 17437
497 Y447NHK Cummins C220 Euro 2 Voith 17447
498 Y522NHK Cummins C220 Euro 2 ZF 17440
499 Y524NHK Cummins C220 Euro 2 ZF 17450
I believe 499 Y524NHK is actually on loan from Ensign Bus.  Having rode on Y437NHK and Y522NHK, I can definitley say they are tidy vehicles and they have a rather good turn of speed too! Y437NHK reached 60MPH according to my phone speedo. For ex-London vehicles, they aren't bad at all and I'm sure they will gradually get used to the Cornish roads over time. By the time Stagecoach Devon passed on the S-BWC Tridents, they were absolute flyers. 

Y524NHK at Exeter , thanks to Mark Howarth -used with his permission

Looking forward on Y522NHK
Y522NHK at Launceston

Looking towards the back on Y522NHK
 Of course, they aren't the only ex-London Tridents running around Cornwall, First Kernow operate a batch of T-LLC and V-HBY (mainly all on HIG1xxx plates) Tridents, although with the Plaxton President bodywork. These too are very pleasant vehicles. Although I generally don't like modern buses, I do admit to having a soft spot for the old Euro 2 engined Tridents, they tend to sound rather nice!
First T803LLC at Penryn Campus

The vast majority of the loaned vehicles have now returned to their owners, with the Norfolk Green Optare Solos 601/604/610 awaiting collection this week.  I have been informed that all three Anglian Mercedes Varios have actually been bought by Western Greyhound (T400CBC has been painted and now in service) and the other two are being broken for spares, along with three Nottingham City Transport Optare Solos which have been bought for service. 
921 W604PTO 
922 X239 HBC
923 X241 HBC
924 YJ51 ZVV

Nottingham City Transport buses are certainly not foreign to Western Greyhound, as they 
once had 11 East Lancs bodied Volvo Olympians from them. Sadly 8 of them 
were destroyed in the fire and the remaining three were sold on, along with Dennis 
Trident/Plaxton President's WK51CAF/P. 

Thanks to Mark Howarth, I can bring you photos of T400CBC and one of the ex-Nottingham Optare Solos: