Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year!

It doesn't seem like 5 minutes since I was writing this post last year, with the photo of the First Bristol step-entrance Dennis Dart. But here it is, another New Year. 2013 has been an interesting year, with rather a lot changing on the Buses & Railways. No need to mention what on here, as some of you may have seen, I've done another video review of 2013 that can be seen here:

I've done some great trips this year,with some great mates and also made several new friends on my adventures , notably the Diesel Gala at the Severn Valley Railway. Consequently I have a satisfying amount of rail miles and my bus log looks rather colorful with the variety of operators too! 

Railway Miles:
TOTAL MILEAGE - 9372m 12ch 

My railmiles can all be found here http://allankey142001.railmiles.org/

Bus Miles:
2nd January
Stagecoach South West 
Alexander Dennis Trident ALX400 
12A Roselands Drive to Paignton Bus Station

30th December
Stagecoach South West
WA05MHF 18306
Alexander Dennis Trident ALX400
12A Victoria Park to Roselands Drive

All of my bus trips as one big PDF and in separate operators(EXCLUDING JOURNEYS TO/FROM SCHOOL ETC) can be found at http://southwesttransportnewsmileage.yolasite.com/ 

Highlights of 2013
2013 , what started out as a doubtful year in terms of trips etc turned out to be whats most likely my best year so far. I did so many good trips in the summer;
Sunday 24th March  - Marchants Coaches enthusiasts tour
Saturday 30th March - Confidence of Leicester enthusiasts tour
Wednesday 29th May - Trip to Brighton 
Saturday 6th July - Herberts & D.A Payne Leyland Olympian tour (included a bash on the Night Riviera sleeper) 
Saturday 3rd August - Hampshire bash (Exeter-Woking-Alton-Guildford-Aldershot-Farnham-Alton-Basingstoke-Exeter)
Tuesday 13th August - Trip to Cardiff
Thursday 15th August - Trip to Cornwall (one of many this year)
Saturday 17th August - London Underground and National Rail bash
Monday 19th August -  Jurassic Coast X53 Exeter-Poole-Exeter , 10 hours aboard a Volvo B9TL
Saturday 24th August - Trip to Reading
Saturday 31st August - Westward Travel enthusiast tour
Sunday 22nd September - Showbus 2013
Saturday 5th October - Severn Valley Railway Diesel Gala
and many more

Of course, you can't have it all, so obviously there was a few "Lowlights" this year, however I've posted about these as and when they've happened so theres no need to go into it again!

So yeah, that's about it but before I sign off for an early night for the 5AM start for Winchester tomorrow, I'd like to thank the great friends who I've enjoyed many fantastic trips out with this year, and those who I've met this year.

So, Happy New Year to all who read this and now it's time to give up on this hobby...until next year!

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