Monday, 10 February 2014

Darting through Cornwall!

With great thanks to Mark Howarth for the photo (the weather has been so shocking, I've not dared to venture too far!) I can bring you news of Western Greyhounds new arrivals. 9 Transbus Mini Pointer Darts arrived last week, to replace the 3 Mercedes Vario's damaged in the recent Liskeard fire and presumably to see off other Varios as another step towards DDA. 

The Darts are as follows:
203 NA52 AWJ 
206 NA52 AWO
207 NA52 AWW
208 NA52 AWP
209 NA52 AWU
211 YT51 DZZ
213 KN52 NFP
214 KN52 NFU
215 KN52 NFR

The NA52AW* Darts are from Go North East, while the rest I believe are from Abellio London, all purchased via Ensign Bus.  These look rather smart in Western Greyhounds allover green livery, and I look forward to riding them, aswell as catching up with the rest of the Tridents!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

New beast on the block!

Now, my new years resolution was to blog more, however we're still only on one a month so far due to bad weather and awful memory of things, but hey!

On the way to school last Friday, as we passed Rail Riverlink's depot, I noticed a strange red double Decker sat in the yard, next to closed top Bristol VRT UWV604S. I was then rather curious as to what it was, so Saturday morning I went and investigated!  I was very surprised to see an MCW Metrobus sat there! MNC498W lacked seats and had a big pipe out of the offside, possibly suggesting it had once had a cooker of some sort in it?  It showed signs of being used as an exhibition bus and has now been gutted out.

I'm curious to know what the future holds for this; weather they intend to fit seats and run it in service alongside the Olympians & Bristol VR's or if it is a source of spares for the Gardener engine, of which the VR's share the same type. If anyone knows anything on the history of this bus, feel free to contact me, I'd love to know!