Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A decade of the 'Bayline' Tridents!

I know I type this 4 days late, but I've had other stuff getting in the way so the post slipped my mind. I guess I can get away with being less than a week late.

Saturday 1st March saw ten years exactly since the launch of 21 brand new "state-of-the-art" buses in Torbay; Alexander ALX400 bodied Transbus Trident 2's for route 'Bayline' 12 from Newton Abbot to Torquay , Paignton and Brixham. These new buses replaced a batch of ex-London Volvo Olympians and Dennis Tridents that had come down in 2002 to relieve the 5 year old Volvo B6LE's P701-14BTA due to severe overcrowding because of an increase in passenger numbers.

18063 in Bayline livery - THANKS TO LAURENCE MAYHEW
Thanks to Laurence Mayhew (PTOTPA) , I can bring the above photo of 18063 WA04CRF wearing the simple, tidy and smart 'Bayline 12' branding which these wore from almost new until around 2010/2011 when they were re-painted into plain livery, also having the names (which were all to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar) removed.

The numbers/names were as follows:
WA04CPY 18061 Trafalgar
WA04CPZ 18062 Nelson
WA04CRF 18063 Victory
WA04CRJ 18064 Temeraire
WA04CRK 18065 Neptune
WA04CRU 18066 Leviathan
WA04CRV 18067 Britannia
WA04CRX 18068 Conqueror
WA04CRZ 18069 Africa
WA04CSF 18070 Agamemnon
WA04CSU 18071 Ajax
WA04CSV 18072 Orion
WA04CSX 18073 Mintotaur
WA04CSY 18074 Spartiate
WA04CSZ 18075 Royal Sovereign
WA04CTE 18076 Bellisle
WA04CTF 18077 Mars
WA04CTK 18078 Tonnant
WA04CTU 18079 Bellerophon
WA04CTV 18080 Colossus
WA04CTX 18081 Achille  

18074 in Torquay 8/2/14

As many of you who know me will know, I'm not at all a fan of these Tridents, I often find the Euro 3 Tridents boring and characterless. I first went on one of these when they were just 3 months old when I moved down here, so I've sort of grown up around these. I much prefer the S-51 reg Euro 2 Tridents, however, it's hard to deny that these 'Baylines' have served Torbay well over the last Decade, and although working other routes since replaced on the 12 by a batch of Scania Enviro 400's , they continue to work hard. Will they make another 10 years? We shall see...