Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Boomerang Boxes!

With the recent arrival of 13 Alexander Dennis E20D Enviro200's 37130-37142 at Exeter (albeit 37142 is was given to Exmouth) for routes Rifford Road circular routes R &S aswell as Met Office - Dawlish route B, this has left a bunch of Alexander Dennis Pointer Dart's free for transfer to Torquay to replace the aging Alexander ALX200 bodied Darts which are used on the local routes.

I was never a big fan of the Alexander Dennis Pointer 2's and I was rather happy to see the back of them when the majority of them were swapped with the S & T reg Dennis Tridents at Exeter last year which have since moved on. But now, unfortunately it's time to bid farewell to the last of the 'old' Darts in the Stagecoach South West fleet which will all be gone by the end of the week. I've always much preferred the Volvo B6's over the Darts, however the ALX200 Darts are one of few buses that remain at Stagecoach South West with any kind of character and old grey interiors which I much prefer over the blue and orange. I'm not entirely sure which of the Pointer 2's Torquay has gained, I have seen several of the 352xx's WA56NN*'s and some of Torquays original batch 348**'s.  

Two unique buses in the fleet will also go with the ALX200's, these being Marshal Capital bodied Dart SLF 33783 T132MGB, once part of a trio with 33782 T131MGB and 33781 T575KGB. The other bus is Plaxton Pointer bodied Dart SLF 34115 V115MVX which is the only Euro 2 Plaxton Pointer Dart new to the U.K ever to operate at Stagecoach Devon.

A selection of the Euro2 Darts are below
34068 in Torquay

337843 while on loan to Western Greyhound in 2013

34073 at Long Road

33807 and 33751 withdrawn at Winkleigh 2011

34115 at Exeter