Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Bye bye W regs!

Go-Ahead Plymouth have sadly withdrawn their final two centre staircase W reg Volvo B7TLs. These being 420 and 421, W509/11WGH. 

Thankfully, I was the final person to have completed a full journey on 421 (former PVL111) as she worked a return 12 service from Plymouth to Bude Saturday afternoon, which I was on for the full four hours. It then failed on Sunday, before being withdrawn Monday 25th January. They now join the other pair of W regs, 431/2 W483WGH and W493WGH in the disposal pool, awaiting sale. 

420/421 were the first two Plaxton Presidents to join the Plymouth CityBus fleet in 2011 to aid replacement of the ageing Step entrance Dennis Darts, and carried the smart two tone red livery. 


  1. Hi,I noticed that the Two Branded Hop 11 Buses had the Branding taken off was wondering if 18131/18132 along with 18074 were on the move from Torbay,perhaps being Replaced by the Former 3 Enviro 400 off the Exeter Park and Ride.

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