Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Torbay Service changes 29th May

Having heard noises of service changes from Stagecoach South West, due to happen towards the end of May, I took to Traveline to investigate. 

Service X46 will have a new timetable, with late night journeys to and from Exeter on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Service 11 will be withdrawn and replaced by the revised 22 route which is extended to Dawlish Warren every hour, with the other two journeys per hour terminating at St Marychurch. Sadly, the late night journeys from Dawlish Warren have seemingly been withdrawn, with the last bus now 2010. 

Service 'hop 12' will have a new timetable, with a lower journey time (and thus two less vehicles on the route) to complement the new Torre reversal scheme, and the South Devon Link Road between Kingskerswell and Newton Abbot. 

Service 66/66B and other varients will be withdrawn and replaced with a new service 13 & 13B which connects Newton Abbot to Totnes & Brixham via the majority the previous 66 route. The 13 will serve Newton Abbot, Aller Brake, The Willows, Torbay Hospital, Foxhole, Roselands, South Devon College and then onto Brixham as the current 13 does. The 13 will run from South Devon College to Totnes, and then via Berry Pomeroy to Torbay Hospital and then on to Newton Abbot via Aller Brake. There will be a two hourly service on each variant. 

The other 66 routes, such as the 66C and D will remain the same, but be numbered 13C/D. 

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Stagecoach South West fleet movements:

Latest changes within the Stagecoach South West fleet within the last two weeks are as follows:
17053 T653KPU Chard - Withdrawn

17702/3/5/6/7 Exeter - East Scotland

17708 Exmouth - Reserve

17734 SK52USN Barnstaple - Chard 

17735 SK52USO Barnstaple - Exmouth

17736 SK52USP Barnstaple - Exmouth

18062/3 WA04CPY/CRF Exmouth - Exeter

19093/4/5 MX56PHK/N/O Exeter - Barnstaple

Plymouth based 17289/90 X289/379NNO were transferred to Inverness for parts around 3 weeks ago.